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Keep your furry friends and your wallet healthy...

Fluffy Poodles, Siamese kittens…pets are so much more than just animals - they’re friends, companions and even children. Like our kids, pets can easily get sick or be involved in accidents – which usually equals stress and unexpected vet bills. Even routine procedures like vaccinations and deworming can be very expensive if you haven’t budgeted for them.

Covering both dogs and cats, Hollard Pet Insurance eases the strain of mounting vet bills on your wallet while you nurse your furry friend back to health.  With our pet insurance policy, you’ll be able to provide the best possible veterinary care to your beloved animal should something happen - at any vet countrywide.

Key Benefits:

  • Get financial help for unexpected illnesses or accidents
  • Choose an add-on option to cover routine expenses such as vaccinations and tick and flea control
  • No upper age limit for accidental injury – so even senior citizen pets are covered
  • Own a menagerie? A multi-pet discount lets you pay less to insure more than one pet
  • Visit any vet countrywide
  • Get paid electronically within 14 working days of receipt of your claim

Hollard has over 25 years of experience in providing pet insurance


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Hollard Pet Insurance is right for you, if:

  • You have a dog or a cat and are looking for help with vet bills for any unexpected accidents or illnesses
  • Your dog or cat is between 8 weeks and 8 years old

What do you get?

Hollard Pet Insurance gives you a number of great features and benefits to help ease the financial strain of caring for your dog or cat:

  • Medical cover for unforeseen accidents and illness
  • Cover is provided for life, as long as your dog or cat is between 8 weeks and 8 years old when they join, and provided you keep your premiums up to date.

Multiple levels of cover to suit all budgets and needs:

Plan 100

  • Covers UNFORESEEN accidents and illness
  • Pays 100% PetSure Tariff rate less excess

Plan 80

  • Covers UNFORESEEN accidents and illness
  • Pays 80% PetSure Tariff rate less excess

Accidental Injury Cover only

  • Covers accidents only
  • Pays 100% PetSure Tariff rate less excess

Routine Care (Optional add on to Plan 80 and Plan 100)

  • Over and above emergency cover for your pet, this option covers you for routine procedures including vaccinations, deworming, flea control, and the procedure portion of dental scaling. 
  • This option can be added to Plan 100 and Plan 80 but not onto the Accidental Injury Cover only plan.
  • Using this benefit towards sterilisation is only available to active members and is subject to there being benefit available in the Routine Care Option.
  • No excess is deductible on Routine Care claims.

Additional benefits

  • Emergency boarding & kennelling. Hollard Pet Insurance will pay for essential boarding kennel or cattery fees for each insured pet if you as the owner are hospitalised for more than four days.

Want to know what your premiums for each plan would be?  Use Quote Calculator to view options per pet.

What you're covered for

What we do cover What we do not cover
Unforeseen Illness e.g. gastroenteritis, pancreatitis, dermatitis, autoimmune diseases, thyroid problems Pre-existing conditions

Congenital and hereditary diseases e.g. brachycephalic syndrome in bulldogs, intervertebral disc disease in Dachshund

Hip and elbow dysplasia

Entropion and ectropion


Pregnancy and breeding

Dental Disease

Preventable diseases e.g. worms and parvo-virus
Accidental injury e.g. foreign body, hit by a car, dog fight
Routine Care e.g. vaccinations, deworming, flea and tick control

Emergency kennelling

Terms and conditions

  • Benefits are reimbursed according to the PetSure Tariff Rate, an internal tariff of fees which is based on the usual and customary veterinary charges and is reviewed annually.
  • The Routine Care Option is not available with the Accidental Injury Cover plan.
  • Pets joining Hollard Pet Insurance who are 8 years and over are only eligible for the Accidental Injury Cover option. 
  • All pets must have a permanent form of identification, either a microchip or a tattoo at time of first claim. 
  • All our policies start on the 1st day of the month. We do not pro-rate.
  • Any new application received before the 6th of the month will start on the 1st of that month.
  • Any new application received after the 5th of the month will start on the 1st of the following month.
  • There is one calendar month's waiting period from your policy's start date.
  • There is a 14 day money back guarantee.
  • You'll need to give us one calendar month's written notice in order to cancel your policy.
  • Monthly premiums and benefits for Hollard Pet Insurance are adjusted on 1st March every year.

Claim examples

Here are some examples of pets we've helped in the past:


Animal Name: Fraser
Claim Type: Illness
Diagnosis: Cataract in left eye
Claimed: R10,754.44
Fraser's owner received a payment of: R8374.91

Animal Name: Lara Kroft
Claim Type: Accident
Diagnosis: Dog Attack
Claimed: R3,185.75
Lara Kroft's owner received a payment of: R3,060.01

Animal Name: Licorice
Claim Type: Routine Care
Diagnosis: Dental Scaling
Claimed: R237.80
Licorice's owner received a payment of: R200.00


Animal Name: Kratso
Claim Type: Illness
Diagnosis: Urinary Tract Infect
Claimed: R1,729.00
Kratso's owner received a payment of: R1,505.25

Animal Name: Max
Claim Type: Accident
Diagnosis: Fracture Multiple
Claimed: R3,125.50
Max's owner received a payment of: R2,594.75

Animal Name: Shanti
Claim Type: Routine Care
Diagnosis: Dental Scaling
Claimed: R223.75
Shanti's owner received a payment of: R210.00

Do you want to know more?

Find out everything you need to know about Pet Insurance.

How does Hollard Pet Insurance work?
Once your Vet has treated your pet, simply send in a Hollard Pet Insurance claim form along with your Vet's detailed account and proof of payment. Hollard Pet Insurance then calculates the benefit and pays you directly. It's as simple as that. Note: Benefits are paid according to the PetSure Tariff Rate, an internal tariff of fees which is based on the usual and customary veterinary charges and is reviewed annually.
Can my pet visit any vet I choose?
Yes, you can use any veterinarian who is licensed to practice in South Africa.
What is an Accidental Injury?
A physical or bodily injury that happens accidentally to your pet as a result of external, violent and visible means, for example: a broken bone, snake bite, or dog/cat fight.
What is an Illness?
An Illness means an unexpected sickness or disease, or any change to your pet's normal healthy state that is not caused by injury to your pet. Examples include an upset stomach, skin conditions or an ear infection.
Does Hollard Pet Insurance offer benefits towards preventative treatment?
Yes - we recommend and encourage responsible pet ownership. Preventative treatment includes spaying your pet, annual vaccination and deworming. You'll get benefits for these services if you choose the Routine Care Cover option as an add-on to your policy.
Does my pet have to have a microchip or tattoo to claim?
Yes, it does. A permanent form of identification such as a microchip or tattoo acts as your pet's Medical Aid Card, which allows you to go to any vet countrywide for treatment.
What if I change my mind after signing up with Hollard Pet Insurance?
You have a 14 day money back guarantee period from the start date of your policy to review and cancel with no obligation. If you would like to cancel your policy after this period, you'll need to give us one calendar month's written notice to cancel.
Where can I find out more information about Hollard Pet Insurance and its costs?
Please refer to the Rates and Benefits Schedule for current rates and benefits, or contact Hollard Pet Insurance's client service department at: Tel: 0860 738 787, Email: membership@petsure.co.za, www.hollardpetinsurance.co.za
How much of the claim is paid?
For Accident and Illness claims, you'll be reimbursed according to the PetSure Tariff rate, less the applicable excess. There is no excess deductible on Routine Care claims.

Do you need to claim?

Follow the easy steps below to get your Hollard Pet Insurance claim processed fast and efficiently.

1. Take your pet to the vet

We cover treatment at any vet countrywide.

2. Pay your bill

Make this payment directly to the vet who treated your pet.

3. Submit your claim

Complete the Claim Form and submit together with the detailed Vet Invoice and receipt

4. Get reimbursed for your payment within 14 working days of submitting your claim.

To make a claim with Hollard Pet Insurance

Compile and submit a claim (How to claim)

To contact us

Tel: 0860 738 787

Information: info@petsure.co.za
Membership: membership@petsure.co.za
Claims: claims@petsure.co.za

Information: 086 661 0992
Membership: 086 661 0990
Claims: 086 661 0989

Hollard General Helpline: 011 351 5000

Documentation & Forms 

Add-a-Pet Form
Claim Form
Debit Order Details Form
Policy Document
Rates and Benefits
Conflict of Interest Policy
Disclosure Notice

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Giving back:
For every new member joining Hollard Pet Insurance we will donate a portion of your monthly paid premium to the South African Guide-Dogs Association. (since 1 Jan 2013)

Hollard Pet Insurance is underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company Limited (Hollard), and administered by PetSure (Pty), Ltd. Hollard is an authorised Financial Services Provider No. 17698.